TM and The Missing Coed

When Natalie Morgan suddenly vanishes from her Arizona college campus, fears begin to mount that she is the latest victim of a serial killer. Desperate to fine the missing coed, her frantic parents hire former United States Army Ranger TM.

TM’s efforts take him to Costa Rixa where he learns of a massive financial conspiracy that appears to have infiltrated even the U.S. Government. Targeted by this mysterious organization, TM must confront its hired assassins and navigate his way through Central Americal to reenter the United States and get to the bottom of the deep-seated scheme.

As time runs out, TM must ultimately confront the person who can expose the conspiracy, a person he would not have suspected.

TM is helped at critical times by Arizona state police officer Carson Cooper and their relationship becomes more than professional after they survive a near-death experience. View the trailer here!